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Exercise Video File Specifications:

Recommended Specifications:

Internet Connection Guidelines

Option 1: Media player connected directly to ethernet cable via CAT5 or CAT6 is required to guarantee best performance.

Option 2: WiFi Connection with a minimum Internet download speed is at 100Mbps per device.

Touch Remote: WiFI only.

Media Player should be turned ON and WORKOUTS should be scheduled at least :30 min prior to scheduled play time in order for content to fully load to Media Player. 

Google Account is required in order to regularly update the Touch Remote app and the AktivTV app from the Google Play store.

Fully Kiosk App, for Touch Remote, will also update via the Google Play store.

Workout Builder Ideal Parameters

The AktivTV User Portal allows for many workout and exercise options all through an easy to use platform. Certain WORKOUT BUILDER parameters can be followed to help ensure optimized performance on the screen in your facility: 

  • We recommend a 20 PAGE limit to help ensure that your facility's network can optimize Playback. 

  • Total Data from each EXERCISE video in a WORKOUT accumulates when data is transferring to your Media Player, so adhering to Exercise Video file size, referenced above in this document, is imperative. 

Hardware Specs

  • NVIDIA Shield Pro

  • Android Platform

  • HDMi Connection

  • CAT6 Connection

  • U.S. 110 power adaptor

  • Weight: 8.8 oz / 250 g
    Height: 3.858 in / 9.800 cm
    Width: 6.26 in / 15.900 cm
    Depth: 1.02 in / 2.593 cm

  • LENOVO TAB M10 Plus 3rd Gen

  • Android Platform

  • AC adapter, 100-240V, 50-60Hz

  • 10.61" tablet

  • Included Wall Mount:

    Height: 6.17 in / 156.6 mm

    Width: 9.78 in / 248.5 mm

    Depth: .51 in / 13 mm